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Our Italian menu

Our Italian menu features bright, fresh starters and antipasti; filling sandwiches and paninis; zesty salads; warming soups; and a full range of main courses. Comfort your soul with rich, aromatic stews; take a trip to the Italian coast with our delicate fish dishes; and enjoy classic pasta from the country’s most famous culinary regions. Our Italian dishes take in the exuberant colourful ingredients of Campania, the simple country food of Tuscany, and the vibrant vegetables and pork dishes of Umbria. 


Our Lithuanian food

Our Lithuanian food is as authentic as our Italian dishes. We serve nationally renowned potato dishes; warm filling soups; beautiful sweet pastries; and a selection of salty and satisfying beer snacks. All of our Lithuanian dishes are prepared to old recipes from the mother country. Our chefs prepare special sauces using real Lithuanian herbs, berries and mushrooms. We also serve Lithuanian breakfast.

Real Lithuanian dishes, cooked authentically

Our Lithuanian dishes are cooked using authentic ingredients to bring out the flavours and textures of home. Take a trip back to Lithuania with our rye bread and bagels. Warm yourself in winter with our hearty meat dishes. From perfectly rolled and cooked cepelinai to crunchy sweet Torte Napoleon, our Lithuanian chefs create tastes of their home country right here in Gravesend.

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Our ingredients

Our ingredients are carefully sourced, for their freshness and taste. You won’t find genetically modified ingredients anywhere on our menu, and all the herbs and spices we use are authentic to the Italian and Lithuanian regions they come from. Our meat is carefully selected for quality and ethical rearing, and our vegetables are sourced from local greengrocers.

You can taste the quality and freshness of our ingredients in our dishes. Our Lithuanian dishes are pungent and warming, packed with the barley, potatoes, mushrooms, berries and vegetables. Our Italian dishes are flavoured with the rich olives, warming herbs and sun-kissed tomatoes of the country’s best-known culinary regions – and our pasta is perfectly light and thin.


Our specialities

Our specialities include home-made fermented kvass – a traditional Lithuanian drink made by fermenting rye bread to produce a very slightly alcoholic beverage. We also use our special kvass as a base in many of our genuine Lithuanian sauces.

Our wild venison “spirit of the forest” dish is a local legend: we use real boletus mushrooms and carefully sourced woodland ingredients to create a genuine taste of home.

All of our chicken is free range and corn fed, for a better colour, texture and flavour. All of our ingredients are reared, sourced and transported ethically.

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert – our chefs have concocted an extra special sorbet made using premium champagne, which is unique to RM Italiano!


We keep our menu fresh

Our menu is balanced between tried and tested classics from Lithuania and Italy, and brand new dishes created specially by our talented chefs. Keep your eyes on the menu to keep up with the freshest food in Gravesend!

We do take away Italian dishes and Lithuanian dishes

Our Italian and Lithuanian restaurant also offers a take away service. Simply phone us with your order, and we’ll give you an estimated collection time. Or you can drop in and wait. Why not take a drink at the bar with some Lithuanian beer snacks, while you wait for your take away Lithuanian dishes or Italian dishes to be cooked for you?


A fully stocked bar

Our Lithuanian and Italian restaurant has an excellent bar, stocked with wines and beers from Lithuania and Italy as well as a fine selection from the UK. Enjoy a Svyturys or a Kalnapilis with your Lithuanian dishes, or a mellow southern red with your Italian food. We also serve cocktails and premium spirits.

A real family restaurant

RM Italiano is a real family restaurant, serving some of the most authentic Italian and Lithuanian dishes in Kent. You’re assured of a warm welcome whenever you come in – whether it’s just for a drink, for a light bite at lunchtime or for a leisurely evening meal. We look forward to making you feel at home!

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Free Delivery to Gravesend, Northfleet, Swanscombe, Ebbsfleet. For orders over £10, within 6 miles.
Daily Lunch: Wednesday through Friday, 12a.m – 4p.m just – £9.90.

Private dining and events: need a place for a meeting, event or birthday party? We cater for buffets, canapés, light lunches and formal fine dining. Let us do the hard work! For private events enquiries please email info@rmrestaurant.co.uk or call us at 0147 439 4946.

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158 Parrock street, Gravesend, DA12 1ER

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